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Diamond and Ruby

Reality Bender
Master Magician
Entertainer to the Stars

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Leonardo Di'Caprio and I at the Magic Castle

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David Caradine (Kung Fu and much more) David really comes across like you would expect very cool and calm amd he really enjoys Magic.

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Dan Hagerty ( Grizzly Adams) and me at a party in Malibu.
Dan is also a Magician and I made quick friends with him after our paths kept crossing, Dan has a heck of a sense of humor.

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Robert Heys (Most Famous for the Pilot in Airplane)

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Gary Busey.  I enjoyed Peter and Eva's Joy of Life Party where I did some magic for Gary. Gary really knows how to enjoy Life! I will say this about him: He's a real kick in the pants!

About Pete's Services

My corporate entertaining talents have helped Microfocus, Microsoft, Southern California Gas Company, Coldwell Banker, Security Pacific Corporation, and Bank of America, to name a few. I have entertained top celebrities such as Johnny Carson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gary Busey, the band Jethro Tull, David Faustino, Dan Haggerty, David Caradine, Robert Heys and many others.
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I have been personally trained by some of the world's foremost magical entertainers: Martin Nash, Dean Dill, Larry Jennings and others (whose creations have been used by the likes of David Copperfield and Seigfried and Roy). I have been a magical entertainer for more than 20 years.and a Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst for twenty years. I know how to mix Magic, Technology, and Comedy for Entertaining Presentations on almost any Subject. I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and I am honored with my picture on the Wall of Fame at the Academy of Magical Arts aka The Magic Castle.

I love to Entertain at Trade Shows, Hospitality Suites, Sales Meetings, Christmas Parties, Company Picnics, Carnivals, Restaurants and Bars including Harrah’s in Atlantic City, The Las Vegas Convention Center, The Los Angeles Convention Center, Spago's in Beverly Hills, Pepper’s in Anaheim, The Silver Spur in Monrovia, Tony Moran's in New Orleans, The Old absinthe House in New Orleans, Bachus in Newport Beach, Vertigos in Los Angeles, Casita Del Campo in Silverlake and the Grey Whale in Malibu, and some of the most prestigious private parties in The Hamptons, Hollywood, and Malibu.

At Trade Shows You will benefit by having me because:

I will build and gather a crowd ready to hear your message.

For your prospects I will create a unique and memorable experience that includes a customized presentation laced with company benefits and product advantages. I will generate new prospects, create more qualified leads, create more profits.

Your company will show the attendees that they genuinely care about them. I can arrange Shows for your event to entertain from 1 to 10000 people.

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I have three distinct types of Magic Available: Stage, Parlour, and Close-up.

In the Stage act In the Stage act I eat fire, set my tongue on fire, produce my assistant and my dog out of nowhere. I also produce my assistant from a clear empty crystal box. She gets into a 3ft by 4 ft box and I visibly shrink it down to a 1 sq ft box and put three swords through it and produce the assistant again from the expanded box. A visibly empty cage is presented and is covered briefly with a cloth and a live dog is produced. My assistant lays down and is covered with a cloth and floats into the air and vanishes, then reappears elsewhere. I eat a burning rope and restore the two halves with my mouth, and much more.

In the Parlor act, I mix Comedy and Magic to make an unforgettable experience. This is the type of act you would see in a Comedy Club and is performed standing-up. Magic is done with Ropes, Newspapers, Fire, Water, Money and Humor. I also float a table surrounded.

In the Close-up genre, I can walk around in a restaurant, bar or party and entertain the guests where they are. My Sleight of hand is unmatched with ungimmicked cards and coins as I am a Master of this art form. The tables in a party are played to table by table and if they choose not to be entertained because they are in an intense private conversation, etc. They can be left alone to enjoy their own company and the food. It is also a very affordable form of entertainment as you are paying one or two people instead of 5 or 6 for a band. table and experience Magic inches away with humor and fun.

I can make your event fun and enjoyable for everyone. I also help your National events break the ice for the participants as they are introduced to help with effects.


Contact Peter Today about your Event:  E-Mail him - drpeterdiamond@yahoo.com

Mail Peter Now

My assistant and wife Ruby is always present to add sparkle to the show.

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We have a 17ft Box truck that takes our Illusion Show around the Country. We are looking for corporate sponsors at the moment. I would Paint one side of the truck with our corporate sponsors logo and a statement that says sponsored by. This is the same as a huge billboard 14' X 6.5' driven around the country as well as smaller symbols on the other sides of the Truck. Last year we played in New York City, Chicago, Reno, Sacramento, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio, New Orleans, and Tampa to name a few. Your Logo would be predominately displayed as we drive accross the freeways of America. Our complete corporate sponsorship package would include one free Trade Show appearance and one free hospitality show appearance as well as your logo on our Truck for one year. Contact us for info.

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5000 Dollar Reward for Choo Choo the Magic Dog